I began painting 30 years ago while working with the Bread and Puppet Theater. I was primarily a puppeteer, but during my free time I was inspired to paint by the work of Peter Schumann, creator and director of the Bread and Puppet Theater.

I paint what I know and love - Vermont. I never tire of the landscape - it inspires and awes me every hour, every day.

My painting is simple and direct. I work in acrylic on masonite.

When I paint, I try to capture something of the world around me, the details that might otherwise go overlooked. It's an attempt at a momentary holiday from everyday life, but on another level, it is also a reconnection with a basic sense of well being. It's a journey to a relaxing, peaceful, idyllic place. By creating art that is accessible both in feeling and attainability, I am contributing something that is life affirming. When someone encounters one of my paintings and it helps them feel connected to their own essence beyond opinions and politics, that is what I am painting for.

I want to make my art affordable and available to people who appreciate original art but can't afford the prices of a gallery.

This site is largely for the sale of my notecards. If you are interested in original works, please contact me.


~Barbara Leber

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